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Friday, July 5, 2013

Bargain of the Day

Hello my fashion addicts!  You guys are going to LOVE this!  I've been wanting a pair of True Religions recently; not because of the name but because of the quality and the style!  I found a few on their website and a few on Nordstrom's website but the price was just way out of my budget right now.  Something told me to check my nearest True Religion Outlet and looks at this pair that I fell in love with!  Not only were these the jeans I saw online that caught my eye to begin with but the associates were SO helpful and were giving their honest opinions to every jean I tried on.  We all agreed these looked the best which I was ecstatic because they were the ones I liked from the beginning like I said.  But that isn't even the best part! These jeans were originally $293..on sale for $79.99 which is a steal and on top of that they are having a 4th of July promotion for an extra 30% off select women's jeans!!!!  I paid $55 for these authentic, amazing, comfortable, quality True Religion jeans!  So guys I'm telling you check out your nearest True Religion Outlet they have such great deals on their great quality merchandise!  Tell me if you guys find any good deals when you go and what do you think of these straight fit vintage jeans I picked up! :)

Make everyday your personal runway. -Jenna Vidal

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